HD movies > Alcossebre Downtown and Resort Al Andalus


On 22nd October 2010 was shot Alcossebre Downtown and Resort Al Andalus released on YouTube. You can enjoy and downloaded it there.
Shot was taken by my Multiplex EasyStar using camcorder GoPro HD. It has been flown with risc above center of the city of Alcossebre, about 100km north from Valencia. Click here to know position of the movie.
Flight has been performed around the coastal part of public beaches and next through the city to north about 700m far from the coast, where beautiful resort Al Andalus is situated. Shot is prepared from only one flight (duration 40 min) flown in the windy morning 30th June 2010. Tall buildings around the coast complicated line of the sight of the model, therefore I checked the model all the time visually to not loose direct visibility. FPV feature therefore was not used during this flight.

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Map of movie location