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Little Pheasant Castle and Moritzburg Maritime, Saxonia

Fasanenschloss Moritzburg Moritzburg Cultural Landscape has become famous after 1973, when the Baroque castle was the festive backdrop for the popular Czech/German fairy-tale movie »Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella«.
Just a few minutes’ drive or a romantic walk away from the Moritzburg Baroque castle is located the Little Pheasant Castle, an enchanting Rococo palace. On just 12m square provides sufficient space for holding court en miniature and is hence also called »Paradise in a Nutshell«. This little hunting palace with its miniature port and lighthouse then formed the backdrop of glittering festivals celebrated by the Saxon nobility. The building was erected between 1770 and 1776 adopting chinoises’ forms on the project basis of architect was Johann Daniel Schade.

The castle is surrounded by a large lake. In the opposite site of park a maritime buildings and lighthouse were built to serve the electoral court and their guests in the 18th century as a backdrop when sailing across the lake in frigates or gondolas.

In our day, the Free State of Saxony owns the major part of the area and makes an effort to reconstruct the historical structures of the landscape park.

The restoration of the Little Pheasant Castle was completed in 2007.

Pictures has been taken by kvadrokopter Walkera UFO MX400 and camera GoProHD-2 in 8Mpx photo-mode equipped by Walkera gimbal WK-G-2D  image stabilization. Unfortunately, camera inclusive gimbal were found too heavy for this type of kvadrokopter. It was able to lift off and hover for about 70% of gas stick. This fact could be still acceptable, but motor controllers seemed be overloaded and after about 6 flight hours at least one controller became burned or worked with the smaller power, although I mounted light fan to cool the controller board.
Walkera UFO MX-400
Lighthouse Moritzburg Maritime

The main problem seemed be the fact, that this type of copter has all motor controllers mounted on one PCB.

It caused the necessity to change complete board every time. Having price about 100 USD for spare controller board, after second change of board I decided to stop use this copter for photo capture and I use it just for training. Without additional weight of camera and gimbal (170g) it works fine for a long time.

I have changed my copter type and built DJI F-550 like my new "mobile and travel" holiday photo equipment. Having complete lift-off weight 2450g inclusive LiPo accumulator 6500mAh, GoPro camera, gimbal and video-sender, it can hover about 12 minutes and seems be perfect mobile photo equipment for my holiday trips. DJI Flame Wheal F-550 is equipped by built-in flight stabilization and GPS control, what makes the flight comfort incomparable with Walkera UFOs.

Photos are on Panoramio first released in full resolution 3200x2400 pixels.

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Castle Fasanenschloss from south-west

Castle Fasanenschloss from south-west
Castle Fasanenschloss from south-west Castle Fasanenschloss from north-west
Castle Fasanenschloss from west Castle Fasanenschloss from west
Lighthouse from south Lighthouse from west
Lighthouse from north Lighthouse from north


More pictures inclusive their locations on my Panoramio account or using application GoogleEarth.