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Clip FPV HD Moritzburg, Three Nuts for Cinderella has been published on server YouTube on 07th August 2011. It is my first clip taken in Germany. Photos from this flight were published on Panoramio already during June 2011.

Moritzburg is a Baroque castle in the municipality of Moritzburg in Saxony, about 13 km northwest of Dresden.
The original castle was built from 1542–1546 as a hunting lodge. Between 1661 and 1671 the chapel was added after designs by his architect Wolf Caspar von Klengels, a fine example of the early Baroque style. Between 1723 and 1733, Augustus II Strong had the castle largely remodelled as a pleasure seat, including a formal park, several ponds and a game preserve.

The displays of many areas within the castle are dedicated to the courtly art of formal hunting. The collection of red deer antlers is considered to be the largest in the world. In the Monströsensaal ("Monstrosity Room") is preserved famous 66-point antler. The Elector's apartments contain excellent examples of lacquer and splendid parade furniture, the silver furniture made in Augsburg in emulation of Louis XIV's silver furniture at Versailles, and Chinese, Japanese and Meissen porcelain. The castle is also famous for its sandstone decorations and stuccos.

In area of Schloss Moritzburg has been in 1973 filmed famous fairy-tale Three Nuts for Cinderella ("Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel" in German, "Tři oříšky pro popelku" in Czech language) made in Czechoslovak-German co-production, with charm of notable Czech actress Libuše Šafránková starring there like a pretty princess. This story belongs to attributes of Christmas time of Czech and German childern the same way like the Christmas tree.

Music is also taken from that fairy tale composed by famous Czech film music composer Karel Svoboda.

Three Nuts for Cinderella

Clip is compilation of three flights flown above the castle interlaced by scenes from the fairy tale of the same name. Two flights have been performed very early in the morning with sunshine from the north-east direction, western fasade of the castle with the chapel has been filmed during evening flight one day later. Last flight has been flown very close to the castle and therefore was realised without FPV-videogoogles on my face to keep all the time direct visual contact with the model.

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