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Clip taken above dam Les Království has been published on server YouTube already on 25th March 2011. It was my first experimental flight realized with two GoPro HD camcorders, however due absence of any video software applicable for 3D recording in HD quality, I released only 2D version. Because clip reached respectable rating and response of watchers, I decided to return back to this clip one year later, add till now unused record of the second camcorder and prepare FullHD 3D version.

Both camcorders were firmly hanged under fuselage protected in housing cut from PP foam, placed in distance 6cm each other. They were not yet connected by now existing 3D synchronization cable; it was just double recording performed by two simultanously recording camcorders. This fact later complicated synchronization of both recordings during editing, another correction has been necessary due slight shift of both images caused by incorrect pointing of both objectives.

It emerged that 3D record taken from RC-airplane gives a smaller benefit than has been expected. 3D efect rapidly disapears for objects more distant than a few tens of meters and scenery seems be flat. 3D efect becomes sufficiently apparent only for close objects (for example low passes close to towers or close to crowns of the trees in the end of the clip). Such close passes can be hardly realized by RC-plane with acceptable risk. Therefore it gives sense to use 3D recording just for flights with microcopter able climb vertically very close to obstacles, where three-dimensional effect has chance to become greatly apparent.

Clip has been cut from only one 32 minutes long flight flown during sunny and windless autumn morning 19th September 2010. Signal from one of both camcorders has been connected next to videotransmitter. Short time after launch videogoogle batteries were getting weak and therefore almost whole flight, inclusive slalom between towers on the top of the dam wall, above deep Eble valley below crest as well as only few meters above water level has been performed only under direct visual supervision between RC-pilot and model itself. I had to change my position during the flight. Plane has been launched from southern bank of the valley, flight has been controlled mostly from the top of the crest and plane landed close to the  slide-valve tower on the northern training wall.

Dam Les Království is unique work of Czech technical architecture. Bulding of this dam has begun just one hundred years ago, in year 1910. Even one centrury later, it still remains a confirmation of craftsmanship of our predecessors an concerning its fairy-tail outlook as weel as exceptional example of hydroengineering installation even in the Europeanwide base. It is located in the narrow valley of river Elbe about 5km westward from Dvůr Králové nad Labem near village Bílá Třemešná. This dam was first one build in Czech countries and its dam crest 218m long is unique stone-cutter work done from white sandstone. One hundred years later it is perfectly integrated into natural enviroment like ideal object for angling and evening walks. Many interesting facts about its history and construction can be find in this document of Hugo Habrman from videoarchiv of Czech television

Clip is prepared in standard anaglyphic projection applicable on most types of displays.
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