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Videogallery contains HD movies published on server YouTube. You can select different resolutions up to Full-HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels, 30 FPS. Original records are all the time taken in wide-angle format 16:9 and full resolution 1920x1080. Angle of the pictures is 127x83 degrees. Picture is due extremely wide visual angle deformed in barrel distorsion style (fish-eye effect) and must be frame by frame corrected. Correction helps to fix round lines of objects, but it logicaly leads to different radial speed in the centre and corners of the frame.
Human eye senses scenes the same way, only corner parts we see unsharp and we do not put so much attention to them. Correction of different radial central and corner speeds manages our brain.
Camera is at the same time used for online image and sound transition to ground station (FPV) to see actual image in the videogoogles.

My HD movies from Spain
My HD movies from Czech Republic
HD movies taken by other authors